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DATE: 1ST JULY, 2000

TIME: 7:30 PM


Today, being the first day of the first nine-day novena in the month of July, I saw our Lord hanging alive on the cross, bleeding. There, I saw also that there were twelve (12) routes by which groups of people, that seem to represent the twelve tribes of Israel, were coming to the Agonizing Lamb on the Cross. As I was watching, cloud came down and covered the whole place. In the cloud, appeared the Agonizing Face of Jesus Christ bathed in blood. In great anguish and grief, He calmly said:

“My children, you are precious to Me. I welcome you all to this great month of July, which I have dedicated to My Precious Blood. I am with you always. I am happy to see you again.

My children you are precious to Me. My eyes are on you always. I looked after you to see that nothing harmed you. I protect you, especially your souls that are so precious to Me. My Blood, which I shed for your redemption, remains your protector and your salvation. I am sprinkling My Precious Blood on you to see that you are protected and shielded. I am near you always because you are precious to Me.

My lovers, only very few recognize My loving care for you; only very few feel My nearness. Children, know today that I am living in fullness among My people, because the spiritual war has reached its climax. As I am near you, so also the enemy of My death is near you. I am crying to your soul to see the light, but you rarely hear Me. You rather hear the deceptive words of the Evil One, and follow darkness”.

Children, you are precious to Me. I am the One Who am appealing to you for holiness in your very souls. If you can calmly listen to your soul, you will hear My painful cry of love. Though now the enemy will not allow you.

Children, this is a fearful hour of separation. I am looking for My loving children. I am near you because you are precious to Me. Like a Good Shepherd, I am looking after you to see that the wild animals do not harm you. There are many wolves in the forest. All who escape from My protection will not survive. The wolves will seize them and kill them.

I am appealing to all My children to come nearer to Me. I will come nearer to them. LET ALL MEN HAVE THEIR LIVES CONSECRATED TO MY PRECIOUS BLOOD. Know you, My loving children, the voice of your Good Shepherd. Run to Him when He calls. Obey the command of His voice. Follow Him wherever He goes.

My children, you are precious to Me. The love I have for you motivated Me to come and share these loving words with you. Your prayer tomorrow will be offered for My young seminarians of the whole world. The enemy has been given a little time to act. My chosen ones in the seminaries and convents are suffering greatly. Many have been expelled. Those who have little patience are abandoning their call. This is a great work of the Evil One. I appeal to you to pray for them. Pray much for them, so that you will still have good Priests to lead you to the truth. Through your prayers, I will choose for Myself a large number of good clergy that will carry My Will to the world. I call on them to consecrate themselves to My Blood.

You are precious to Me. I am near you always to protect you. Feel My Presence and show Me love. Pray for them; make My Will known to all men. I am the Agonizing Jesus Christ. I am with you always. I bless you all.”

Immediately, the vision passed.

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