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DATE: 25TH JUNE, 2000

TIME: 3:00 PM


During the hour of Mercy, I saw Our Lord Jesus Christ bleeding as He hung alive, in great agony, on the Cross. He wept in great anguish and grief. His whole Body was covered with Wounds and Blood.

The Sacred Heart appeared outside His thoracic cavity and shone His Divine rays on me. As I was looking, cloud came down and covered the whole place. In the cloud, I saw a hand holding a chalice and I heard a voice, which said to me. “Drink, this is the Blood of your Saviour, Jesus Christ the Sacrificial Lamb. Drink, the journey is too far.” Then, I took and drank.

Immediately, my eyes opened, I saw the Glorious Face of the Agonizing Jesus Christ bathed in blood. He calmly said:

“My son, and My children, I welcome you all in this great Feast of My Church; the Feast of My Body and My Precious Blood. I have seen the large number of My people who have gathered all over the world to adore My Presence in the Holy Eucharist. I appreciate your adoration; I am being consoled. How I wish that the prayers I taught you had been made known to the whole world, so that My people will adore Me with those adoring words I taught you. I appeal to you once more. Make My Will known to all men.

Barnabas, on the days when the Church will persecute you and pierce your heart with the arrow of their mouth, I will desert you but I will not disappoint you. I will also deprive all who stand for you the grace of Divine Wisdom. Some will run away and accuse you, and deny the truth they believe now, while many will look disappointed. Only those who abound in My love will remain. They will suffer greatly, but their consolation will come sooner than others. I want you to pray harder. Only prayers will shorten the days or totally eliminate the days.

I called you to pray, up till now you have not prayed enough.

My son, I am calling all My Apostles to study the teachings of the Church. That will help you to know the truth and critically look at My teachings to you, now that you have enough grace. If My teachings are truth, follow them. My teachings and warnings will not contradict the teachings of the Church. The Church is My Body, how can I fight Myself? He who stands in the truth need not fear. He will not die; he will live forever.

I am calling all My Apostles, I say My Apostles, who are propagating this holy devotion to My Precious Blood for a second reparation Programme. This will commence on 11th September and end 16th September this year 2000. It will start by 12 noon of the commencement day and close by12 noon of 16th September this year 2000. This is a great call to reparation. I will explain the Programme in detail during the novena of the month of July.

Barnabas, some carnally ‘wise’ people will ask you why there are the wounds on My Sacred Side on the Crucifix I gave you, since I am still hanging alive? But Barnabas, you annoyed Me. Why can’t you narrate what you saw? This is the mystical Cross of My agony. Your Christ Who had died 2000 years ago is still suffering mystically the pains and several crucifixions due to the sins of the whole world. My Heart, which suffered mystically the pains of thorns, as well as My Wounds are still bleeding for love of this needful world. This Crucifix is the cross of your Agonizing Master over 2000 years. My Sacred Agonizing Heart will be on the Cross as you saw it.” Then I asked, “Lord you didn’t correct me for long. The artist would have finished the work”.

Our Lord answered:

“I left you so that you will know after learning. Learn now and pray much. When the artists finish the cross bring it to Me for My approval. Make enough crosses for you and for those you will send; the cross will be made before the day of reparation. If you continue delaying till the day of reparation comes, I will stop you.

This Crucifix will be highly criticized and rejected by many, but My lovers will embrace it.

I will use your illiteracy to teach My mysterious Agony to the world. Submit to My Will. Your humility consoles Me much.

I am the Agonizing Jesus Christ. I love you. I bless you.”

Immediately, the vision passed.

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