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3rd July, 2015

Time: 3:00 am

Venue: My Altar of Reparation, Olo

In my prayer during this hour, I saw in a vision, Our Lady dressed in white and purple with a crown on her head. She was accompanied by numerous little angels. She came and gently said:

“Peace from heaven be with you. Draw nearer to the shadow of my mantle. Come to me, my Son and fill my motherly care. I am your Mother, Mary, the Mother of the Agonizing Jesus Christ. I come with a message of love from Jesus. Come and share my love.

Barnabas, as Christ told you on the first day of this novena, I am the Woman who began the Act of Consolation to the Agonising Child Jesus. With my penitential tears on the day of His circumcision, I equally opened the door of adoration to the Most Precious Blood as I collected the Blood with the sacred linen. Yes, I adore the Precious Blood which will be shed for the redemption of man. In this, way, I am inviting all men to adore the prize of their redemption. Barnabas, I also set the innocent Blood aside for the redemption of man. I consecrated the world with the first Precious Blood shed for their redemption. Now, I am inviting you to continue this act until the whole world unites in the victory of the Lamb.

I asked that the nations of the world, as a sign of victory, should erect their flags on the Holy Land chosen to mark the beginning of their victory. Each flag will be 3 by 5 metres in size and will be raised 12 metres high, above the standard which will be seven steps, with one foot rising and shall be spaced 3 metres apart from each other. The standards will be constructed at reasonable distance from the Giant Crucifix, following the hexagonal shape of the plan given to you. In this way the

construction will start from the first diagonal from right of the hexagonal plan as you face the Giant Crucifix. Be mindful of Temple and maintain the equidistance from the centre of the Giant Crucifix. Before the appointed time, I will give you the words of the consecration and direct you more.

Children, these physical symbols are signs of real victory won in the spirit. To the men of the flesh, it is things of foolishness. But to my children who have been given the Grace to see, these are the signs of victory. As the enemy of the holy Cross is launching his attack against souls in the great cities of the world with his weapon of iniquity and destruction of values, I the Queen of heaven is gathering my children in this remote part of the world with the weapon of purity supported with the Precious Blood of Christ. Come my children and raise your flag and announce the victory of the Lamb. Come and stand on your ground, I will obtain victory for you. Let my children take their position and see their enemies defeated.

O Israel, your daughter is calling; hear the voice of your queen. Listen to the appeal of the daughter of Zion. Let the house of Israel be consecrated to the Blood of the Lamb. Mark the doors and lintels with the spotless blood of the Lamb. Raise your flag of victory. Rise up in freedom and march out in victory. Stand your ground and see the victory of the Lamb of God! I am your queen, your daughter.

O Zion; I am Mary the Mother of the Agonizing Jesus Christ. Come and join my warriors. I leave you in my peace Bye”.

Immediately the whole encounter passed.



6th July, 2015

Time: 3.00am

Venue: My altar of Reparation Olo

THEME: O Zion, how blessed are you to be washed with the Blood of the Lamb

In my prayer during this hour, I saw in a vision a little saint coming down from the cloud. She was accompanied with three little Angels. As she approached the altar, the saint said:

“Praise the lord Jerusalem! Sing a hymn of love to the king O children of Zion. The Lion of the tribe of Judah has conquered! Let His victory be announced in your assembly and everywhere in the world. I am Cecilia, a little servant of God. Jesus sent me to sing the praises of the Most Precious Blood of your redemption as the mother invites all nations to consecrate to His Blood.

O world, what is that which could wash off your stain of iniquity? Is it the blood of bull or calve? Is it the blood of fowl or dogs? Is it the blood of goats or cows? Indeed no! These bloods are less effective cleanser as they contain in themselves the impurity they are intended to cleanse. Yet Abraham poured these bloods on the altar of sacrifice. Moses sprinkled the blood on the door-post as a sign of Passover, and on the tablets of covenant, as a seal of the law.

The people were bathed with animal blood hoping to be cleansed, yet remain unclean. They washed and yet remain unclean. Year after year, the people passed through this exercise of cleansing and still remain unclean.

O nations of the world, where is your hope? Who will offer you a perfect purifying element to cleanse you once and for all.

Thanks to the daughter of Zion who kept her vows to the Lord. O powerful fiat, you have melted the Heart of your Lord, your spouse! In the Immaculate Virgin, the Divinity and Humanity wedded. The humanity becomes one with the divinity. The imperfection becomes perfect. Yes, the lamb was born of perfect order to bring the sanctification of the rotten nations.

Like the lamb of sacrifice, He was slaughtered for the expiation of sin. He poured His Blood and died for our sins. Let us adore the Blood that redeemed the world. O perfect cleanser, you have washed away our sins and set us free. All the sacrifice of the old was a prefigure of Your ultimate reality. I adore You O Christ for your Precious Blood that washed away the sins of the world.

O Zion, how blessed are you to be washed with the Blood of the Lamb. You are sparkling like the brightness of the sun. How fortunate are children within you, they are children of God. The Lord is their God. They are His people. Praise the Name of God.

Barnabas, how blessed are the nations that will be consecrated to the Blood of the Lamb! Like the house of Israel marked with the blood of animals in Egypt, they shall be protected. Victory and freedom shall be granted unto them. In holiness and devotion they shall worship the Lamb in the new altar of sacrifice. Wisdom is obedient to the will of God that is been made opened in the little way. Friend of the living God, be part of this Victory. Work for this Victory. Remain in this Victory. Nothing good comes easy in this world of struggle you are living now. Yet the struggle is the steps to the throne. The pain is the flower that carpets the steps. Your endurance will win you victory.”

“Barnabas, I hope you will be there when it will begin?” I answered, “Yes, I will be there. Please support my wish with your prayers.” She said: “I will”. “Remain in the love of Christ. So, I leave you. Bye”.

Immediately, the whole encounter passed.

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