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1st July, 2015.

Time: 3:00 am

Venue: My Altar of Reparation, Olo

In my prayer during this hour, I had the vision of the Agonizing Jesus Christ hanging alive on the Cross, bleeding. After a while, cloud covered the whole place, and then appeared the Holy Face, with the head crowned with thorns and the face bathed with Blood. He calmly said:

“Peace be with you. My peace I leave to my lovers. Barnabas, I welcome you and all My consolers and all My adorers again into another great month of grace. I am happy to see many lovers and little souls returning to Me. I love them; I will keep them to My Heart. All who remain united to me will receive the crown of glory. I am the Agonizing Jesus Christ who called you to console Me.

In this month, My Mother and My holy ones will admonish you greatly. Listen to them. Their words are mine. As My Mother invites you to rededicate the world to My Precious Blood, knowing that She was the first to do so, beginning from my circumcision. With Her penitential tears, She consecrated the world to My Precious Blood. She did it many times as she nurtures my Church in love. Now she is inviting you to begin again and complete the work. Co-operate with Her and win the victory with Her. She is My Mother, She is My first consoler, follow Her as She leads My Army for victory.

My blessing remains with you Barnabas; my blessings remain with all my lovers. I bless you all My children.”

He did the sign of blessing, and immediately the whole vision passed.

(Day 2)


2nd July, 2015

Time: 3:00 am

Venue: My Altar of Reparation, Olo

In my prayer, during this hour, I saw Our Lady coming down from the cloud. She was accompanied by seven little Angels. Coming closer to me, she gently said:

“My peace comes from heaven. Draw nearer to Me and feel My motherly warmness. I am the Rosa Mystica, Mary, the mother of the Agonizing Jesus Christ. I bring to you the light of Christ in this dark world. The light is the message of truth and of true freedom. In this month, Heaven will reveal to you and to the lovers of Christ some hidden mystery on the person of the Agonizing Jesus Christ and His Most Precious Blood. The little souls will understand this truth easily, while the proud ones will always struggle with it. This is a message of love; only giant lovers will understand it and enjoy its sweetness. The more you approach the Throne of Love, the little you become. The little you are, the more you acknowledge your ignorance. The more you maximise your ignorance, the more you approach the truth of the mystery of the Precious Blood of Christ. Little children, remain little in the eyes of Your God and enjoy His loving cares. My Son and my God asked me to begin this lesson with the Mystery of the Purity of the Blood of your Redemption taken from the immaculate virgin. This will remain a mystery to you in as much as you are still in the corrupt nature of flesh and blood. This mystery has been unfolded to the blessed in Heaven. I will throw light on this mystery, hoping that you will see, at least a little. The complete truth will be made known to you when you return home.

Barnabas, you know from the scripture and from the teaching of the true Church that man was created in the image and likeness of God. In this order, man became superior to all creatures on earth. When man fell from the grace of God, he was made lower than all created things in the world. In redemption, he was elevated higher than the Angels. How fortunate are the redeemed men.

Barnabas, three things are known in the order of purifying elements in the world you are living in. They are: Water, Blood and Fire. These elements serve for cleansing and purification of lower elements in the order of their existence. Remember that the world was first purified and cleansed of its iniquity with water in the time of Noah, after the fall of man. In the fullness of time, the same world was purified with the Precious Blood of Christ. This is the Blood of the Everlasting Covenant. On the day of the Pentecost, the redeemed Church, the world, were purified with the fire of the Holy Spirit. Yet the world is still waiting for the final purification by fire on the day of judgement

Purification and cleansing are necessary because of defilement, corruption and imperfection. The disobedient of man marked his corruption, defilement and imperfection. Everything under the dominion of man shared in these defect.

Man began its process of cleansing with water and then with blood. But the water and blood of man’s purification was of corruption order. How can a corrupt element give perfect purification and everlasting sanctity to an imperfect element?

Now, it is necessary that a more superior element be given. From the corrupt nature of Adam and Eve, the incorrupt nature of the woman who will receive the ‘Divine seed’ of perfection was made.

On the day of incarnation the word was made flesh and dwelt among us. The union of divinity and humanity in the person of Christ made the Blood of Purification Perfect, Most Precious, Spotless, Innocent, and above all Divine.

This is the most superior blood in the order ranking, most excellent in the order of perfection, and the costliest in the order of pricing.

Barnabas, I will leave you here, for you to meditate and digest this mystery of your redemption. I will come again to instruct you on the consecration of the world to the Precious Blood of Jesus Christ. Do not be afraid. I am your mother. I am leading you all to warfare. I will fight with you to conquer the adversary. Jesus will give you victory through the merit of His Most Precious Blood. Smile and say, “I am ready to go”. Bye!”

Immediately, the whole encounter passed.

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