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DATE: 29TH JULY, 2000

TIME: 7:30 PM


In our novena prayer, I saw a vision of the Holy Sanctuary of God in Heaven. The Blessed Sacrament was exposed there which radiated bright rays and there was lightning and thunder sound. Within a short time, cloud came down and covered the whole place. In the cloud appeared the Holy Agonizing Face of Jesus Christ, Who calmly said:

“I bless those who knelt day and night in prayer to ask God for the renewal of the face of the earth. They shall obtain mercy from Me. I bless those who accepted My appeal to men, and offer them to their neighbour; I will hear their own appeal.

I bless those who suffer persecution because of My appeals for the Divine Will; I will console them and reward them greatly. I bless those who offered their wealth, time and energy in propagating My Will to men, I will reward them a hundred fold. I will see to it that their soul will not be lost.

I bless those who are mostly neglected and abandoned in the world because of Me and My gospel, I will lift them up. Soon, they shall join the Thrones and Powers of Heaven in My Kingdom.

My Apostles, I am happy with your effort towards the spreading of My messages. I have seen your earthly loss and suffering. I am happy, but I am not satisfied. You owe the world much. This is one of the greatest devotions I have given the world.

Look and see whether there is anywhere else I am closer than I am here. My begging voice is offered to you. My appeal is made known to you. My mysterious prayers were taught to you. The greatest gift is offered to you. Nowhere in the world will you get a gift more precious than what I have offered to you. I told you; “This is for you and for all men, make My will known to the whole world”. But you kept all to yourselves. I say: you owe much to the whole world. See how you appreciate the little ones that came from other parts of the world, but the great ones you have are kept sealed within you.

Children, you owe much to the whole world. I have done much to give you the Addresses of My Apostles in different parts of the world. You do Me great wrong by keeping it sealed with you. You did not make a move because there was no communication. I have forgiven you because your will is your will. No one can deprive you of it.

Even now, there is no reference book with clear editing, which contains all My messages. I am not satisfied. You cannot edit My messages well and give to the world the pure form of My Voice. Rather you succeeded in adding more errors, because you did not know the preciousness of My word. Children, I am not satisfied until I see a complete compilation of all My messages starting from 1st January 1997, to the present, without any error. You shall give to the world all that I have given you. The extraction of the parts of the messages needs to be the second stage; but you have taken it to be the first. The Programme for the Reparation can be changed to satisfy My thirst, if you remain adamant.

Children, you owe the whole world a great deal for keeping My messages sealed within you. These words you kept sealed are a training voice. My warriors all over the world are longing to hear My Voice. My children all over the world are thirsty. They are thirsty for My words. I appeal to you, My children, to open the tap of My words, the Living Water for all men to drink. Yet, I am happy with your little effort. My blessings remain with you.

I call on all My Priests, who welcome this devotion to join you in the coming Reparation. I am welcoming them all. May all who cannot join fully, participate well in the programme of the 14th and 15th, more especially that of 15th September. I will empower them with a special blessing. They will receive a special power from Me to bless My Agonizing Cross, though all Priests have the right to bless it.

During the hour of consecration, My Clergy and the first Apostles will have their consecration first, followed by others; lastly My Priest, the Bearer of My Agony, whom I will use to consecrate the world. The period is one of the greatest moments of the days. Pray that you will be there. Nowhere in the whole world will I lavish such a blessing as I am bestowing on you and will pour on you. Many eyes will remain blind till this great favour has passed. They will continue waiting for mercy, when My mercy is overflowing. I am calling My flock to hear the Voice of the Chief Shepherd. I am the Agonizing Jesus Christ, Whom you are crucifying.

I love you all. I bless you all”.

Immediately, the vision passed.

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