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DATE: 13TH JAN. 2001



During this hour, I saw a vision of the Holy Agonizing Face of Jesus Christ Who calmly said:

"Barnabas, I will send you again into the desert for the sake of the Apostles of My Precious Blood, who have consecrated themselves to My love. I will send you to pray for the spiritual healing of their carnal minds, so that none of them who have celebrated the birthday of My Glorious Reign might grow like a bitter plant and cause trouble. I will send you to pray so that none will be lost. When you enter the desert, I will fill you with power and Divine Wisdom. There, I will teach you again about the Seal and the mystical power of My Precious Blood. There, also in the desert, I will reveal to you a hidden message, which you must keep secret. Only you will know about it, until I ask you to reveal it.

I will do all these things to preserve you in the grace needed to protect this holy call. See how carnal and selfish My Apostles are. What are all these words they are saying?”

I replied, "Lord, grant us your mercy, O Lord, what are the words? I don't know, my Saviour, have mercy on us.” Our Lord replied: "It does not need only a sound for someone to speak. See the trouble of their hearts. They speak much. They say: Why hasn't the Tribulation come? Why has God not wiped away this evil world and created a new one?" These words weaken their spirit and lower their love and zeal.

Children, am I not a merciful God? If I didn't shorten the hour, My gift of this devotion is of no value. You are the ones who pray to Me to have mercy on you and on the whole world. Why then do you want your people to perish? For the sake of the elect, and the prayers of My little (He made the sign of blessing) doves who are crying to Me for mercy all night and day, I will shorten the days! I will have mercy. They are precious to Me. Children; you should know that the day of great darkness and of great tribulation would be terrible! No eyes that see it will like to see it again. Who will survive the hour if not by mercy and by My grace?


Children, how many years will you remain in Gethsemane?


Pray that you will not fall into temptation. Receive My blessing. I bless all who accept the Royal Cross of Forgiveness; they shall obtain mercy on the Judgment Day. My merciful eyes are upon them always. I bless all, who accept the Royal Cross of Humility; they shall be exalted. I will console them always. I bless all, who accept the Royal Cross of Truth; they shall be justified. I will stand for them in their hour of forsaking. They will not lack the grace of true love.

I bless you all who have suffered the pains and wounds of heart for the sake of this call; I will console you in your own agony. My Heart will be opened to pour on you the Sanctifying Grace for survival.

Children, I draw consolation from your little efforts. My agony is that you have not reached the height I expect of you. This pains Me much because you have entered a great battle.

Barnabas, I will send Archangel Michael to go ahead of you for the preparation of the meeting with the Bishop of My Heart. He will fight for you. What again will I do for you?” I answered: Hear our petitions laid on your altar and increase your love in us.

Our Lord answered: “I have told you, My children, that I am calling My Apostles only. Whenever you come for retreat or reparation see to it that only My Apostles come; until the hour comes when I will call My Apostles and disciples for the dedication of the land I gave you. I grant your request. My love will overshadow you all. Listen, the enemy is fighting you not to enter the land of grace I gave you. He knows what you will gain and the blessing that is stored for you there. So, with great wrath, he fights that you will not enter the land. Only prayer, with your little effort, will help you capture the land.

Today, I am giving you a seat for reparation. The Land of My Church at Olo, which is at the left eastside of the Parish House and faces the Gethsemane land, is the Land and seat of reparation for My people until you capture the land I gave you. When the parishioners release it, I will show you a Chapel of Reparation, the view of Gethsemane Rock you will build on that land.

Children, you will see also that the parishioners will hardly release the land. If, in the end, they do not release it, you will understand what I mean when I said: ‘Pray for this town.’ Barnabas, pray greatly with your people for your town.

So I bless the New Year for you, in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. May My peace be with you all throughout the year. So I leave you.”

Immediately, the vision passed.

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