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DATE: 17TH NOV. 1999

TIME: 3:00 AM


After I had done a little mortification, I came to the chapel to pray. In a vision, I saw the Holy Agonizing Face of Jesus Christ. Our Lord kept silent, and then said:

“My son, have faith in me, increase the love you have for Me. Increase your love so as to overcome the hard trials and persecutions that are coming.

My son, you heard that the early followers of Mine were persecuted. There were flows of the blood of martyrs at that time which strengthened the faith of the Church. In the same way, My son, before My Glorious Reign comes, before the kingdom of My Father comes on earth, there will be another period of hard trials and persecutions. The blood of martyrs will once again flow to strengthen and refine the new faith.

This is why I beg you all, My son, to increase the faith and love you have for Me and in Me. Live the life of your consecration. Constantly renew your Seal so as to withstand the horrible hours that are coming.

Then I asked, “My God and my Saviour, please answer me, the sight is terrifying, who will survive all these things You said will happen?” Our Lord answered:

“My son, be it known to you that unless you answer My call to make My Will known on earth, the Kingdom of Glory you are expecting will hardly come. To answer My call, the world will hate you and persecute you. Some of you will be put in prison, some will be cruelly tortured and some will be put to death for My sake.

All these things will happen in order to hasten My Glorious Reign. It is better for you all, My son, that it happens soon, then My Kingdom will come.

I promise you all, My son, to fill you with My Spirit, the Holy Spirit of truth and power. This is why I told you that I want all My Apostles before the first disorderliness comes. They will come again as soon as the disorderliness reaches its climax. This will be marked by a great confusion in the Vatican and the fleeing of the Pope.

My son, I only want My Apostles, not disciples to come. If you obey this command, you will rejoice in the end.”

Then, I asked the Lord; “How can I know the Apostles?” Our Lord answered;

They are those whom I call and they follow Me. They have lost much for this devotion. They sacrifice their lives for this Apostolate. They are those whom I want, the rest of the disciples are not wanted. Those who hear you and believe, through you, I will bless them all.

My son, you will come for reparation, not for a feast. I will allow you to have your programme for Me so that you will gain much from Me. Remember to expose the Blessed Sacrament throughout the days and nights. I have a few more things to tell you about this, but I will only tell you if you can mortify your life more. Peace be with you.

I bless you.” Immediately, the vision passed”.

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