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DATE: 25TH JULY 1998

TIME: 8:15 AM


In our novena prayer in the month of July, I saw in a vision the Lamb standing in the midst of a large number of people in the cloud. On the body of the Lamb was a label written “BY THE BLOOD OF THE LAMB, WE ARE SAVED”. I saw also that they were wounded, weak and tired. But surprisingly, they that were wounded were all rejoicing and dancing in front of the Spotless Lamb. As I was looking, cloud came down and covered the whole place. In the cloud, I saw the Holy Face of Jesus Christ in His agony. He looked at me steadily and asked: “Barnabas, do you know these people and where they come from?” I replied, “Lord, I don’t know; in your mercy and kindness, tell me”.

Then Our Lord said:

“Run for your live to inherit the greatest joyful kingdom, that is awaiting all who suffer and die with Me. Never let your weak faith and flesh make you deny your God. These people are all My people who had gone through this wicked and sinful world. They did not betray or deny the Son of God. They were not ashamed of Me and My Gospel in this ungodly world. They were mocked and disgraced in public only because they were My followers. But they did not give up. Men told all kinds of lies against their names. They bore it for My sake. Some were killed through terrible persecution and torture. Before they died, they forgave and blessed their persecutors. Through My own Blood I purified them from all their iniquities and saved them. They will rejoice and reign with Me forever.

My children hold firm your faith. The terrible hour of massacre and persecution is coming. Who will survive it? Only those who are willing to give up their lives for Me will survive. Anyone who wants to save his own life during that time will lose it. But anyone who gives up his life for Me will gain it. Anyone who is killed while holding to his faith will not be lost. I will purify him with My Precious Blood and save him from eternal damnation.

My children stand firm on the truth you know. The hour will come soon. When the hour comes, don’t run about, but be on your guard. Don’t fear the death of the flesh, for I will give you everlasting life. Children, I tell you this now, for very soon, the hour will come, so that your heart will not be troubled.

My children pray only that the hour will be shortened. Remain faithful in your work of salvation. Continue doing the good things you used to do. Never reduce your effort towards your work of holiness, rather increase it; these things will help your faith.

I am the Agonizing Jesus Christ, Who is calling you so that you all will not spiritually die. When you rise again, you must strengthen your brothers. The day that is coming, which will suddenly come like a thief; it is fast approaching and will catch up with My people when they are not ready.

My children spread this message so that My people will be ready to welcome the great hour. I bless you all”.

Immediately the vision passed.

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