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Message as given by our Blessed Mother

TIME: 9.00P.M.


During the Novena prayer with Mass, as we were praying, in a vision, I saw Our Lady in white garment and had a crown on Her head. She said:

“I bless you all. May the peace from Heaven be with you. Make your faith stronger, pray with love and love all who hate you.

My children, I obtained grace for you from My Son. See what you will do and the way to do it, so it will please My Son. Let all your people pray harder now. Immediately after the editing of the messages, revelations, warnings and admonitions, make three Novena prayers with Holy Mass. You will pray harder and adore the Most Precious Blood present in the Most Holy Eucharist.

My children, anyone who will disgrace My Son will not be welcomed, anyone who starts the Novenna will have to complete it; otherwise the Novena will be repeated, after that, you will send this Holy Chaplet of My Son’s Precious Blood to your Bishop. I am the Queen of Heaven. PRAY HARDER NOW. PRAY, PRAY HARDER. I say pray”

Immediately, I saw the Crown of Thorns, and the vision passed

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