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Message as given by our Blessed Mother

TIME: 10.30PM.


During the adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, Our Lady appeared to us in a vision, holding a beautiful flower in Her hand.

She calmly said; “My little children, peace from Heaven be with you. Children accept all your suffering with happiness, try, I say to you, try as much as you can to edit all the messages. Heaven knows all your efforts, Father knows it before giving it to you. Make My Son happy through your effort, that is what motivated Me to come and congratulate you.

I will be happy if you read all the quotations that My Son gave you at the beginning of this call, the quotations are Hebrew 12:12-29 and 1 Cor. 10:1-19. Meditate on them, your problems will be solved.

My Son loves you all. He wants you to pray; TO PRAY HARDER always. He is waiting for your prayers, see how He looks at you. Offer all your weakness to Him, adore Him always. My children, whenever you come around this Holy Tabernacle respect He who loves you, respect, the Sprinkled blood that saved you, My Son is not happy with this attitude. He said; I will stop you from coming here again”,

But I interceded for you and He pardoned you. I beg you My little children, be silent whenever you come around this Holy Tarbernacle, pray and meditate on His agony.

Continue this adoration with Mass as usual, respect the Holy Blood on the Altar. Plan this adoration and make it acceptable to My son. My Son will not give any more message or revelation to you again unless you try and edit other messages. If you don’t obey, He might come and take away all the gifts He had given you.

I am leaving you now, tell your people to obey the commands of My Son; say the 3.00pm adoration and the Gethsemane hour prayer silently, otherwise, Father will stop them. Peace from Heaven be with you. My Son be happy and smile. Bye”.

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