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Message as given by Our Lord


TIME: 9.00P.M


As we were praying, in spirit I found myself on a mountain, there I saw Our Lord nailed on the Cross. Blood was flowing out from all the wounds in His body. After sometime the whole place was covered with cloud, Our Lord wore a red robe, and a Crown of Thorns on His head, He said:

“My son: let My youths return to Me, O My youths return to Me, return to Me, return to Me. O! Return.

Leave all your sinful ways, return to your God, stop fornication, stop fornication – Stop!! Stop!! Stop abortion, I say stop abortion. Let all My people leave adultery. My people make promises to Me and break them, they promise that they will change their lives, but they continue to lie, murder, steal and commit adultery, Crime increases and there is one murder after another.

I say stop sin.

“My son, the prayer of innocent children disturbs heaven, their cry pains Me much, they say, “Let the time come, let the time come soonest to strike justice, Let the hour come that the Father will reward the world.

They continue praying all the time, let the end come, let the end come soonest. Father bring the world to an end so that you will reward the world.”

Then I saw a larger number of children who were praying and were surrounded by a few number of Angels.

My son, the blood of those who are murdered in this world curses your land – the whole nation of this world, that is why evils are over evils there, sin increases and there are no remedies. For theses evils the Father will send a great Chatisement to the world to purify and bring it to a new state of life, then the new Garden of Eden will appear.

He continued, “let all people return to Me. If humanity will change their lives through My Precious Blood, I will save them.

My son, pray this Chaplet for the innocent souls of the unborn children, pray this Chaplet of My Precious Blood for them. I promise to save and welcome them in heaven, through My Precious Blood I promise to baptize them and save them.

My son, Money, money has destroyed the world. Many souls are lost forever because of money. My son, a man murders his brother because of money, man sacrifices his body to the devil because of money, the same man abandons the living God and worships creature man only because of money. Who is man? I say, Humanity change your lives, leave all your evil ways and come back to your Lord. Come back to Me, I say come back to Me.

My son, if humanity will not repent and change its way of life, the Chastisement will come.”

Then I saw again the underground world, they were all preparing to come out. Our Lord said, “I will allow this kingdom to rule My people if they do not come back to Me.”

I looked again and I saw a great number being slaughtered by the agents of the evil one. He said, “pray and console My Precious Blood, I will hide you in My precious Blood during the hour of persecution.

My son, I warn you all to live a complete holy life, live a prayerful life always. I am willing to receive your prayers always.

Abstain from meat every Friday and keep watch at least an hour in the midnight of Thursday to Friday, pray for the conversion of the whole world, pray for the lost sheep, pray for non-Catholics, pray for them, through My precious Blood, I promise to bring them back to the new love and unity in My Holy Church.

My son, have mercy on Me and pray. On the 5th of this month you will come by 8.00pm, with zeal and happiness. I love you. I bless you.” The vision of the red dragon then appeared, it poured fire from its mouth and destroyed many people, I then shivered and woke up.

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