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Message as given by Our Lord


TIME: 9:00P.M.


In our usual Novena Prayer, Our Lord appeared with twelve little Angels (Cherubs) He wore a mantle, and a crown of Thorns on His head. He raised up His head and said, “I bless you”. Immediately light from His Sacred Head flashed on me, then I said:

Lord your peace come down from heaven. I adore Thy Most Precious Blood. May all revere You Lord. I worship thee, Agonizing Jesus, take all consolation lord, Father give me the strength to worship and adore Thee. Help us Lord in our weakness to do Your will and fulfill all you require of us.

Please Lord here our requests in form of questions:

1. We are not clear about some of Your. Crucifixes – the way Your Head is turned and Your feet placed, the way it is in one is not the way it is found in another Crucifix. Lord please explain to us.

2. Another is about the seers of this age (visionaries). Please Lord say something about this matter.

3. The next is about the pilgrimage You said last time. Please Lord I beg You, make this clear to us.

There are many other requests (prayer) we cannot remember Lord, You know better than us, answer us Lord. Immediately I finished, He raised up His hand and said, “Remain in My peace”. Instantly His Sacred Head appeared and He said, “My children, love Me and console Me, obey all My orders I say only obey all My commands. I will send the Holy Spirit who will work and make My Holy Chaplet known to the world. “My children be careful about anything you use from now, the evil man has many ways for destroying souls. He plans to make everyone His agent through his evil possession.

“Be careful, I am not happy with artists who are manipulated by evil forces, they make images given by marine spirits, (the wicked spirit from the ocean)

“Listen, I bowed My head immediately I died and put My right foot on the top of My left, there was a flowing of blood for three hours from all My wounds especially from My four wounds.

Listen again, I poured My spirit so as to possess My people for the preparation of My Second Coming, so also the wicked man poured his own spirit in order to destroy My plans.

My children, you must be careful and know the following:

1. Any prophesy that judges is not from Father. I know nothing about it, the time for judgment has not come.

2. Any message that is contrary to My Holy words in the Bible is not from Me.

3. Any visionary who believes in the fruits of the evil spirit especially disobedience is not My messenger.

4. Any message that separates the United Hearts (of Mother and Son) did not come from Me.

I warn you then, be careful. You will know that there are three visionaries and mystics left in this Parish. Pray. You will know them. Tomorrow, I will give you My last message on warning and admonition for this Novena. I will still give more anytime I wish, so prepare yourself always I will reveal and give you much tomorrow. I give you only tomorrow to edit all My messages in this Novena well. I will send the Holy Spirit who will be with you. You will remember all the missing messages, He will help you to write them well.

When you come with your people tomorrow, I say, you must study all my messages which I gave you in this Novena: Revelation, Warning and Admonition.

I command you all, no one will ever come to sleep. All of you will share the personal inspiration with one another. You all must come with joy and thanksgiving. I say, avoid weakness and mindlessness.

On the 4th of this month, I will explain everything about the pilgrimage and other future events to you people.

My children, make sure that this Chaplet of My Precious Blood reaches My humble servant your Bishop, and pray seriously so that the Church will welcome it.

Before the 16th of this month compile all the rest of My messages from beginning to the end about this Chaplet of My precious Blood.

Before 24th of this month tell your

fellow people to write all their personal

messages. Soonest, I say My Church will require all these things, through this I will make everything easy for you, the Church will see the truth. On the 5th, of this month the last day of this Novena, all your people whom I called for this great work shall come with you. On that day, I will bless you and set you free for the Universal Devotion. Prepare yourselves and come with love. Be happy when you are suffering for My sake, love the unrepentant sinners and pray for them, respect My presence in the Holy Eucharist, adore My Precious Blood immediately after consecration, ask of anything, I will do it for you. Imitate all My life, and live your life only to save souls, continue praying in reparation always.

My children, love mockery for My sake, through this you shall win many souls for Me. I love you and call you for this great work full of suffering. Wipe away tears from My eyes O My loving children. I bless you.

Peace be with you.”

As soon as He disappeared, the Sacred Host appeared, I then came back to myself

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