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Message as given by Our Lord and His Blessed Mother

TIME: 9.00P.M.


During the Novena prayer, Our Lady appeared to me holding the Chaplet of the Precious Blood. She said “My children, pray now that there is time. Pray for unrepentant sinners, there is little time left before the hour of tribulation comes.

“My children pray much for My Holy Pope, John Paul II. Many people are accusing My Holy Pope as being a false Pope, the only undenied infallible authority. Pray for the repentance of these people, how great they will suffer who accuse My Holy Pope, My Son will condemn them.

“My children do not sway to freethinking, for today the guise of Satan is free conscience, live in meditating on the agony of My Son.

“My children try to live in peace in time of confusion, love the unrepentant and pray for them always. The hour is coming when the mercy of God will end, through the Precious Blood of My Son men shall be saved, I will protect those who consecrate themselves to me.

“Pray this Chaplet of the Precious Blood of My son for sinners of the whole world now that there is time. Remain in peace from heaven”

Immediately the vision was over, I saw Our Lord tied to a piller and was being beaten by a man He wept, as He was weeping the vision passed. He appeared on a mountain hanging on a Cross. His Sacred Head appeared and He said, “My children love sinners. Offer all your problems to Me as a sacrifice, surrender to the Cross. If you surrender you have conquered. Submit your whole being to the Precious Blood for the time is coming when all that is outside the Precious Blood will be laid waste.

I say, let all men consecrate themselves to My Precious Blood, have mercy on the unrepentant sinners and pray for their repepntance.

I accept your suffering. I bless you all.”

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