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Message as given by our Lourd

TIME: 9.00A.M


During our Protective Mass on Sunday, Our Lord appeared to me and said: “My son, can’t you love Me and console Me? Who ordered you to stop the Novena? I told you that the days are numbered and that even the time to save is very short,

why are you delaying My messages?

“Listen, this hour is for worldwide evangelization of this devotion, look at what you must do quickly about the spreading of this devotion and the way I planned it. My children, you will send My messages quickly to My people who work at Servant of Jesus and Mary P.O. Box 93 Constable 12926 New York, U.S.A.

Inform them to send My messages to My Servant Rev. Fr. Nicholas Grunner. O! Nicholas, My son, you will spread this devotion of My Precious Blood and all the messages to all the Bishops in the world, I command your brother Leonard to help. Among all My Bishops I choose Anthonio de Miranda, Bishop of Lanabata in Brazil to send this devotion to My humble Pope, through My Most Precious Blood I promise to rescue My Pope from the hands of evil men, and rescue His life.

“O My son, Nicholas, inform your brother Rev. Paul Trinchard to spread the devotion.

“O see how terrible the day of My Father’s anger is. Who will be saved? This is what motivated Me to come and give you My Holy Chaplet of My Precious Blood that calms down the wrath of My Father. Whenever My Father hears the Blood of Jesus Christ, His mercy multiplies.

“Barnabas, the very little you and your people said held up the anger of My Father for the beginning of the Great Tribulation in this January. If My people will pray it, the coming Chastisement will not hurt them as heaven planned it, the chastisement is so terrifying as it is that only very few will survive, but through My Precious Blood I will save souls.

“My son, this prayer is so great that no unrepentant sinner will ever pray it, you will pray it for them and many will be converted. Whoever prays it devotedly will be saved. “O My son, Nicholas send My messages freely to Anthony Cardinal Padlyara Ernakulam, Kerala India, tell him that the Eternal Father had prepared to destroy the whole nation with earthquake that only twenty four people will be saved through mercy I promise to save them through My Precious Blood. Let all men, clergy and non clergy calm down the justice of My Father with My Precious Blood of Salvation.

“My children send My message quickly to the whole world. Meet your Bishop as soon as possible for final approval, work hard with obedience I will be with you.

“Send My message to My devotioners whom I chose to carry this devotion and message firstly in this nation.

“My children listen, send all My messages and the Holy Chaplet of My Precious Blood to them, send the messages fully to My Servant Nicholas Grunner and tell him “I command you to work hard, I am with you to help you”. If they ask you who is speaking?” Say to them, “I am the Agonizing Jesus Christ who loves to save and is willing to die again for His people”. If you can not work for me I will come and save only those who look for mercy.

“I command you, spread My devotion and save your lives. Remain in peace. I bless you.

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