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Message as given by Our Lord


We were in the Parish Chapel praying. In a vision I got myself in a green wide field from where the Angel of the Lord took me to a mountain, there I saw Our Lord nailed on the Cross. His whole body was bathed with blood and sweat, the five wounds were pumping blood constantly, Our Lord was weeping bitterly.

As I was looking I fell at the foot of the Cross and consoled Him.

When I woke up, the first vision passed and I saw in a cloud Jewish soldiers who surrendered Our Lord, they captured Him and nailed Him on the Cross immediately they nailed Him, blood covered the whole place, then the vision was over.

I saw again the vision of His scourging at the pillar. He was crying as a man was beating Him, the rest were laughing at Him as they mocked Him. As I was looking, I saw Him hanging on the Cross on the mountain, His Sacred Head appeared with the Crown of Thorns Our Lord said, Pray much for the hour has come to spread this devotion of My Precious Blood. Work harder with obedience, I am with you. “Look! He said; Then, I saw five clergy men and a lay man, I called these humble devotioners to first spread the Devotion of My Precious Blood in this nation, give them everything I gave you about My Precious Blood. I make them My chosen instruments. Look at them:

Rev. Fr. Patrick Okongwu (Enugu Diocese). Patrick I chose you to make My people acknowlegde the value of My Precious Blood, Oh love Me and console Me. Teach My prayer to the world. (Then a little silence).

My servant, Rev. Fr. Anthony Anokete ( Awka Diocese). Anthony, the time is very short to save souls. Honour My Precious Blood and make it known to the world. I call you and set you out to adore My Precious Blood. Oh! Immaculate Heart of My Mother will PROTECT. My Precious Blood will SAVE. (Then a little silence).

My servant Rev. Fr. Anthony Odili (Onitsha Archdiocese). My son, I want to save many souls in this coming Chastisement. Come and help Me in this work of salvation. I gave the world this chaplet of My Precious Blood and promise to save anyone who devotedly prays it. Spread the devotion and save your people, show Me love My son. (Then a little silence)

My servant Rev. Fr. Stephen Njoku (Enugu Diocese). My son, you suffered much for souls, I give you this Holy Chaplet of My Precious Blood. I promise to protect you against evil attacks. I will save souls through My Precious Blood. Pray it and make it known to the world. Oh My Mother’s Immaculate Heart will protect, My Precious Blood will save. Have mercy on Me. (Then little silence).

My humble Bishop Ayo Maria Atoyebi (Illorin) My son, of all My Bishops, I choose you to carry the devotion of My Precious Blood throughout the world. I bless you and seal you with My Holy Wounds, receive My Chaplet and make it known to the world I promise to save the world through the chaplet of My Precious Blood. My son receive this divine appeal and save your people in this coming Chastisement, My Mother’s Immaculate Heart will preotect, My Precious Blood will save. (Then a little silence).

Lawrence Maria Ezeuko (Holy Cross Parish, Nkpor, Anambra state). My son I call you to carry all My messages to the world. Remain in love of My Sacred Passion, come and make My messages known to the world.

Lawrence be ready to love and show Me love. You shall make My Holy Devotion known to the world. (Then a brief silence). I bless you all.

I then asked, “Father where shall I get them?” Our Lord answered, “Pray always and obey this command, look for them.

“Barnabas tell your people to work hard. Look for them and send all My messages to them. I will make this work easy for you. Only obey and work hard. Before the end of the Third Novena let My devotioners receive all My messages, pray that they might come and witness. Pray much. “Today, I make the heart of My servant, your Priest, the bearer of My agony, tell him to pray much see how he will suffer for My sake. I promise to be with him. “Pray very much for your parish, pray for them. Your people will reject My messages, pray that their hearts will change. Pray much for them. I say “pray much for them”.

“Days are numbered, time to save is very short. Send My message quickly to My devotioners, give My Holy Chaplet to them and reveal all My messages to them.

“Test My Precious Blood.” I say the DEAD shall rise again, the sick shall be healed, captives shall be released, I will defeat Satan.

“Soonest it will be time for world Evangelization of this devotion.”

I bless you all, come and show Me love. Look!

Then I saw the vision of the Three Days of Darkness, suddenly there was a great eartquake, thunder and sudden darkness with heavy rain, I was shocked and woke up.

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