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The Angel took me to the underground world, there I saw many people worshiping the beast – Red Dragon.

In their worship they bow down to him saying “O King of peace who came down to the world, O most powerful King we worship thee” As they said those words they bowed down with their heads touching the ground.

The Beast wore a crown on each of the seven heads and a golden garment, whenever he attempted to talk smoke came out forcefully from all parts of the body especially the nose.

Later, we returned to the mountain. I saw Our Lord. He said, “In the days to come the Red Dragon will come and rule the world, how greatly My people will suffer. Who will survive the hour of idolatry? If my people will return, return to their Lord… If men will change their lives… If humanity will learn how to love and worship their Lord, I will come and save them. Those who worship Me and adore My Holy Precious Blood will be saved in this coming tribulation.

“Barnabas, pray much for Priests who are worldly, who follow materialism or they will be doomed forever, love Me and honour Me.

I bless you all.

Then I saw a great number of people who did not get the mark of the beast, they are being slaughtered by the agents of the evil one.

The Angel said, “These dead people are those who did not worship the beast, they will soon be glorified. Soonest this underground kingdom will come out to this planet and rule the world.

“Pray much for souls who are still ignorant of this coming chastisement they will perish forever if they do not change their lives.”

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