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Message as given by our Lord to Barnabas Nwoye

TIME: 9:00P.M

DATE: 3RD DAY, 16TH JAN, 1997

As we were praying I met Our Lord (in spirit) in a wide desert area, He lead me to a high mountain.

When we reached there a divine light flashed us, He immediately, vanished from sight. In the dazzling light I heard a voice saying: “Barnabas I will show you how I loved the world, look at the road I walked through for the salvation of mankind”

Immediately I found myself witnessing the Last Supper activities, He then showed me His sufferings till death. I will not fail to decribe one torture which pained me most, the jewish soldiers tied Jesus after beating Him and rolled Him on the ground from one end to the other, He was crying then.

After some time there appeared to me the Sacred Head with thorns. He said,


“This, I did for the salvation of man, who will survive the hour of tribulation approaching? Look at the enemy, the wicked forces, they are preparing for you”. Then I saw a kingdom of the evil spirits, they were gathered in a meeting under the control of the big Red Dragon with seven heads, ten horns and fourteen hands. Smoke was coming out from all over the body, he had arch devils on guard for him. The sight was so fearful that I called Our Lord to destroy them, then that particular vision came to an end.

There came the another vision, this was that of the day of the Anti-Christ. The way the agents of the Anti-Christ slaughtered the children of God who hadn’t the Mark of the Beast was terrifying, there was horror everywhere, the victims (children of God) were crying, praying hopefully to see God deliver them, as I was looking I broke into tears.

Our Lord appeared and said, My child, listen I have warned My people that the hour to save is very short, and that the days are numbered. You have seen what will happen to My children, that is why I came and gave you My Holy Chaplet of My Precious Blood. I promised also to save through My Precious Blood, I will allow a drop of the Precious Blood to fall on their hearts so that they will get converted before the day of forsaking, the hour of dryness, the hour of God’s anger. Make this devotion holy, I will reveal everything about the coming Chatisement to you, remember to spread My message when I finish all I have with you about the forthconming Chatisement.

Pray the Chaplet of My Precious Blood always, many souls will be converted through it.

Remain in My peace. I bless you all.

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