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Date: 5th July, 1996.

Time: 5:30am


I was praying in the morning of this very day, when I found myself on a very high mountain, which had a lot of stones on it. The spirit led me down the mountain to see Our Lord kneeling on a rock in prayer. Down the mountain, under a huge tree, the three Apostles where lying down sleeping. My inner being told me that this place is the Gethsemane I read of in the Bible.

From this point, I experienced in detail all the agony, tortures and death of Our Lord and the sorrow of His Mother.

In the end, cloud came down and covered the whole place. In the cloud, appeared the bare Head of Our Lord Jesus Christ crowned thorns, blood bathed His Holy Face. He raised up His Face and calmly said:

“Barnabas, I am the Agonizing Jesus Christ, console Me, adore My Precious Blood, Consecrate your life to My Blood and make constant reparations for sins committed against My Blood”

“Take this”

He gave me the Chaplet of His Precious Blood and said:

“This is the Chaplet of My Blood. Pray it and make it known to the whole world”

I received it and said Adoration to your Precious Blood”

He continued by saying: “Through this Chaplet, I will renew the face of the earth and draw all men to aknowledge the Price of their redemption. I will also renew the Church so that the Holy Sacrifice offered to Me will remain pure and worthy before ascending to My altar in Heaven. I promise to protect anyone who devotedly prays this Chaplet against evil attacks, I will guard his five senses, I will protect him from sudden death, 12 hours before his death, he will drink My Precious Blood and eat My Body, 24 hours before his death, I will show him My Five Wounds that he may feel deep contrition for all his sins and have a perfect knowledge of them. Any person who makes novena with it will get his intentions; his prayer will be answered. I will perform many wonderful miracles through it. Through it, I will destroy many secret societies and set free many souls in bondage by My mercy.

Through this Chaplet, I will save many souls from Purgatory. I will teach him My way, he who honours My Precious Blood through this Chaplet. I will have mercy on thise who have mercy on My Precious Blood and Wounds. Whoever teahces this prayer to another person will have an indulgence of 4 years. I am Agonizing Jesus Christ whoo made these promises to My people who will embrace thsi Chaplet of My Precious Blood.

“Barnabas, if you carry out this devotion faithfully, you will suffer many agonies with Me because the way is a desert way, so dry and rough. I will lead you and all men, who answer My call of love, through this way to the Land of Promise, I promise again that I will renew the face of the earth through My little ones. Then comes the Reign of My Glory, when all shall be one in Me”

Then I asked: “My Lord, Peope will not beieve me and the Church will not welcome it. What shall I do to make it known to the world?

Our Lord replied, “Barbabas fear not about the spread of the devotion. Only offer your life to Me, be humble and obedient to the Church. Surrender to every cross and offer it for My consolation, pray always and never give up. If you do, all who hear of this devotion will look for it and all who see it will embrace it and spread it also. My Church will welcome it when the time comes.

Barnabas the way is hard, its is a desert way, You will pass the hour of dryness and confusion. Some will complain on the way. Some will give up their faith, but I plead with you, My son; remain faithful and obedient to My command. I promise to lead you to the Land of Promise, there, your joy will be complete”

Then I asked some questions on the Chaplet of the Precious Blood: Lord may I ask why the small beads are twelve in number and the big bead is one at the end of each set of twelve beads and they pray one Our Father and One Hail Mary on it. If people ask me, what will I tell them?

He answered: “My son, this devotion had been in My Holy Church ever since the day of My circumcision. My Mother was the first to adore My Precious Blood with Her parental tears as she saw Her only son bleeding for humanity. But you can see that this age has forgotten the price of their Redemption. Today, I give you this Chaplet for you and for all men to adore My Precious Blood, the price of their Redemption. Wake up this devotion and hasten the kingdom of My Glory on earth.

Barnabas, each small bead represent a tribe of Isreal, I mean the wholse world. Each time you pray one ‘Our Father’ and one ‘Hail Mary’ in every portion of the Chaplet, you honour the mystical wounds, pains and Precious Blood of the Agonizing and sorrowful Hearts of the Son and His Mother. I assure you, many Wounds shall be healed. I and My Mother will be consoled, the mercy of the Father will multiply; the Holy Spirit will rest upon you, My Precious Blood will flow to save.

Know this also, the red colour of the beads represent My Blood and the white bead represent the water that comes out from My Sacred Side, which washes away your sins.

Remember that I am the Agonizing Jesus Christ who loves you much. Receive My blessing:

I bless you; in the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Instantly, I woke up to record the event. It was 5:45pm in the evening of the same day, though I had thought it was morning.

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