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DATE: 24TH MARCH, 1997

TIME: 12.30AM

During the time of our devotion prayer with Mass; in a vision I saw many tortures, which Our Lord passed through. One of them is that they Covered His Face with red cloth and beat Him continuously. They said to Him. “If you are the Son of Man tell us who beat you”? There was another one, which I cannot forget, they tied His hands with rope and crowned Him with thorns and made Him sit on a bench, blood was gushing out from all His Wounds. Inspite of that, they pressed a needle on His Wounds and laughed at Him, that made Our Lord cry and shivered, after the revelation, cloud covered the whole place, then , the Sacred Head appeared and Our Lord said: “My loving children, continue your prayer and watch carefully. Satan, your enemy, is planning for you. Pray harder always and wait for Divine Will. I will tell you more about your condition now on 26th March, 1997. On that day I will speak much. Pray that you will understand the words and follow the Divine Will, each word has its own meaning. Remember that all my words must be fulfilled when the time comes, do all you can and wait for Me, YOU MUST SUBMIT TO THE DIVINE WILL. I will give you joy when the hour comes for it. I say to you, pray harder. I bless you.

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