BY GreggMary Ajide

A young beautiful woman came to me on 24, Dec., 2020 (at the Garden of Grace Grotto) and said, "GregMary, this year's Christmas would be the worst for me because my husband has refused to give me money to change my wardrobe as I have always done every Christmas. So my brother, I have come to ask you to talk to mother Mary on my behalf. You're her special messenger and she listens to you. Please beg her to soften the heart of my husband to release money to me so that when we travel to the village for Christmas, as usual, everyone will know I'm in. I'm a great woman of substance and quality and everyone knows my husband is rich. This I must maintain." Now my response: My dear sister, there is no bad Christmas. Every Christmas is as good as others because, in every Christmas, the Lord Jesus, the Savior of the world is born. It is good that you change your wardrobe but in this year's Christmas God wants you to take more care of your spiritual wardrobe which is your soul, that the Lord may find in you a holy and befitting manger to lay his head when he is born. After my counsel I heard a voice within me demanding for Confession, Mass, and Rosary for my visitor. At once I recommended all that to her and she obliged. I called a priest friend and sent the woman to him for confession. That same day (24/12/2020) I booked 3 days of Mass for her then began a 3 day Rosary prayers for her as well. After the confession she called me and said she felt a heavy burden relieved of her. She went home and was happy. Three days after, on 27/12/2020, at 9am, someone knocked on my door. Since I was the only one at home because my wife and children had traveled to my mother in law for Christmas I had to go open the door: behold it was the young beautiful woman that came to me on the 24th. She came in, was in a hurry so didn't want to sit down and talk. Full of happiness and joy, she smiled at me, looked around my sitting room and said, "My dear GregMary, thanks for the other day, thanks for your counsel. I have come to express my joy and gratitude. If only you understood what great favor the Confession, the Mass and the Rosary have done for me then you would understand why I'm here. Thanks for all that. I do not have much time to spend because I'm in a hurry to somewhere. Just know that I'm very happy. Bye for now until we see again." Five minutes after this now very happy and more beautiful woman left my house the daughter called on phone to inform that the mother had died in a motto accident. I said 'No' it cannot be because your mother left my house barely 5minutes ago. She cried even louder, saying she died 30minutes back and her corpse was now in the mortuary. This was later confirmed by me. Thus, she came on that fateful 27/12/2020, to thank me and more importantly to bid me goodbye and inform that she was on her glorious way to heaven. All the while she was with me I never knew it was her spirit not until she was gone and her daughter called.

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