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23RD JULY 2003 (10:00pm)


In my prayer during this hour, I had a vision of the Agonizing Jesus Christ who calmly said:

“The Covenant of Blood is this which many are breaking. This is not the blood of covenant, which the sons of Abraham shed on their day of circumcision, but the Blood of the Son of God Who took flesh and blood from the Immaculate Virgin. The Blood, you are despising is not the blood of bulls or goats which the Israelites placed on their door-posts for their Passover. But the Blood of a Sacrificial Lamb of God that was immolated for the second Passover

The Blood that was shed for you is not the blood of cows, which Moses killed when he offered sacrifice to seal the covenant between the people of Israel and their God. The people of Israel promised then that they would keep all the laws the Lord had given them. And the Blood of Covenant was sprinkled on them. But the Blood that was shed for you is the Blood of the Spotless Lamb of God.

The Blood was shed that you will love your God with all your heart, and with all your strength. And that you will love your neighbour as you love yourself. This is the Commandment, which was sealed with My Blood.

To love God is to free your soul from all worries of this world, from all attachments to these earthly things and to embrace the peace of God in the holy marriage with Him. This holy union will obtain the gift of love for the soul of man. Children, if you can free your souls from all these bondage of the world, I will help you to love. Truly, I say to you, all who obtain the gift of love will surely love their neighbour. By this, the Covenant of Blood will be kept and you will not be guilty of My Blood.

The flower of love in the soul of man is the holiness of life I am calling on all men to live. This is the purity of mind and body I am calling you to have. O the flower of love is the life of perfection I am calling you to reach. It is the fulfillment of all laws.

Children, only very few love. So many are breaking the Covenant of Blood of the Everlasting Covenant. This is why you can see the damnation of many souls. Indeed, many souls are going to hell because they lack the grace of true love. For those who show Me partial love while in the world, they must be subjected to a place of lesson and purification, where they will learn how to love. Turn back to Me all you nations of the world whom I poured My Blood for their salvation. Remember the Covenant of Blood I made with you. Come and love your God, your Lord. I am calling you to love. (Silence).

Meditate on this lesson. I am, the Agonizing Jesus Christ, Who Loves you. So have My blessing;

I bless you in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, Amen. Immediately, the vision passed.

(One Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory be…)

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