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DATE: 21STNOV.1997

TIME: 2:00 PM



In our monthly devotional prayer I saw in a vision the Agonizing Jesus Christ hanging on the Cross in the cloud. Blood was oozing from all the Wounds on His Sacred Body. At the same time, I saw a large crowd coming from twelve different roads leading to the Crucified Jesus on the Cross. Among the peoples, some were wounded, some had their legs broken, some had parts of their body cut off and some people were being carried. As they came and stood in front of the Crucified Lamb, the Most Precious Blood from the Wounds of Our Lord Jesus Christ flowed to them and set them free.

They were all healed. Immediately cloud covered the whole place. Their clothes turned to snow white. They all praised and adored the Most Precious Blood with their heads bowed low.

Then, the Sacred Head with the Crown of Thorns appeared in the cloud as the crowd disappeared, and said:

“My children wake up. The hour has come, wear all the armour I gave you and become ready for battle. Let all who have no sword, gun and weapons sell their possessions and buy one. The hour of fulfillment of the prophecies of your age has come. The hour is this in which you are living now. Be a wise soldier and be obedient to your Commander. For this reason, I want you to spend the rest of this year in silence and with prayers of Consolation, Adoration and Reparation. Do not expose yourselves to the world again until this year has passed. Live in humility and hide yourself as you are in a prayerful mood. I say you must advise the needy.

Increase your love and welcome the peace I gave you always. Pray for your members abroad. The enemy has received permission to test them greatly. Children, the right hour has come to spread this devotion to the world. That is why I delayed the coming of My vicar to suit the plan of heaven for this devotion. Pray much and have faith.

Listen children.

Tape the prayers well.

Edit all My messages.

Write the prayers well.

Write at least 24 stanzas in all the songs as I ordered you; prepare everything well for the spreading of this devotion.

Listen again, children; firstly, send this devotion to the first devotees without fear.

Secondly, send this devotion to all the devotees who are practising My Agonizing life in and outside this country.

Thirdly, do these things quickly before 21st Feb. 1998. Children, do not be worried about finance. Your sacrifice is enough.

Do not feel alone, children; spiritually all is well. My Blood will feed you, always. I am with you in your outing. Come with zeal, your coldness pains Me much. All shall be shaken and tested. Many will feel dryness and disappointment. But all who are faithful till the end will rejoice at last. They will rejoice with Me in Heaven. I bless you all”.

Then, the vision passed, immediately cloud covered the place. Then I came back and recorded the message.




TIME: 3:00 AM



In our prayer, I saw a vision of the holy Archangel Michael; he was holding a chalice, which had a tongue of fire on its tip. He came down from the cloud with the little cherubs who adored the Spotless Lamb with hymns. As I looked, I saw a large crowd. They had come from different countries of the world. We were all gathered at the entrance to the Holy Sanctuary, worshipping and adoring the Most Precious Blood.

After a while, cloud came down and covered the whole place. The Archangel Michael drew nearer to us and said:

“Drink this, all of you; this is the Precious Blood of your Master and Saviour, Jesus Christ”.

I saw in the chalice, a small Crown of Thorns and on the tip, a tongue of fire. He continued:

“This is the Chalice you will all drink. This is a Chalice of love”.

Everybody said: “Amen!” and he then shared it among us. After that, he said:

“Tonight I was sent from Heaven by the Eternal Father, to come and build a new Tabernacle of love inside your souls. I will keep this chalice inside your hearts. This is an Everlasting Seal. Whenever you feel dry, the ocean of the Blood of Christ will flow from the Tabernacle of love within you and renew you.

Children of light, this establishes, today, a covenant that you will love the Agonizing Jesus Christ. You are His consolers. I am the Archangel Michael, an Apostle of the Most Precious Blood of Jesus Christ.

Then, I asked, Michael: What does this Crown of Thorns in the chalice mean and what also does the flame on the tip of the chalice mean? He answered:

“I will explain them as they concern you. The crown represents the sufferings you will undergo for the sake of Christ. It also means the pains and sorrows you will bear for the truth. The tongue of fire means your victorious reward in the end. It represents the love of God.

Son of man, this large number of people you see came from every part of the world. They are the Apostles of the Precious Blood. This Seal and Blessings remain forever.

Adoration and praise to the Most Precious Blood of Jesus Christ, the source of my power. May it fill you all with strength and power, Amen!

Adoration to the Most Precious Blood of Jesus Christ, which opens up the seal. May you all be sealed with the Blood, Amen!

Adoration to the Blood that opens up the ocean of Divine Mercy. May it grant you mercy in your days, Amen!

Adoration to You, Precious Blood of Jesus Christ, may You reign in their hearts forever, Amen!

Children of Light, the Eternal Father loves you all. That is what motivated Him to send me to share this blessing among you. This is to prepare you for the days that are coming.

Children of Light, think of what it means that in your soul, there is a Sanctuary of the Most Holy Trinity. This means that your soul is a little Heaven, a dwelling place for the Holy Trinity. Give thanks to the Spotless Lamb whose Blood opens the Seal. Honour to the Woman from whom the Word took His Blood and became man. May she open your mind to understand the value of the Most Precious Blood of Christ, Amen! Children of Light, tonight, I promise to be at your side to fight for you and to defend you. I am praying for you. Remain in the peace from Heaven. So I leave you.”

Immediately, the vision passed.



DATE: 27TH JULY, 2001

TIME: 7:00 PM



In our novena prayer, during this hour, I saw the vision of Our Lord Jesus Christ lying prostrate on a rock. I recognized that place as the Rock of Gethsemane I had seen in past visions. After a while, cloud came down and covered the whole place. In the cloud appeared, before the Blessed Sacrament, the Holy Agonizing Face of Jesus Christ, Who calmly said:

“My children, in the days of the coming rebellion, you will experience total abandonment. You will know what it means to be left alone. Those coming days are the hours of darkness. My Father permits those days to come so that the number of Martyrs will be completed. I am Jesus Christ, the Father and Hope of all the Martyrs. The blood of Martyrs is the pride of My Father against the enemy of My Holy Cross. My Father boasts about them. They are His joy and His inheritance.

Children, until the number of Martyrs is completed, the coming rebellion will not stop. Know that the coming persecution will be greater than what the early Martyrs suffered. You will experience total abandonment. In those days, the Divine consolation will be withdrawn from you. You will feel the gap of My loving Presence. This is the greatest hour of dryness and abandonment. Only the Grace of the Seal, the Sanctifying Grace of love, will sustain those who will survive.

Children, I have told you this before, I am reminding you again: “Woe to those who put their trust in man, they shall be disappointed and abandoned.” In these coming days of Great Rebellion, your own eyes will see a large number of the faithful turning away from their faith. I say to you, My children that many mighty men in faith now will fall and fight against the light. Many, who teach you now, will join the Evil Beast to persecute you. The fallen heroes will make your hidden camps known to the Evil One. There will be no place for you to hide in those coming days of great terror. You will cry to your God and receive no answer. As you lift your voice up to your God, fear, tiredness and hopelessness will weigh you down. You will seek for consolation from your brothers in faith and receive a bitter sword of abandonment.

Children, the coming Rebellion is so terrifying. Many of your leaders now, who will later fall and join the Evil Beast, will cut off your heads and suck your blood in the days of great massacre. They will see that you are tested well to abandon your faith. Many of you will give up their faith because they lack the grace of My Seal. But those who hold on to their faith till the end shall be saved.

Children, this is what made Me to offer you the Rose of Perfect Purity. Up till now, your eyes are not open to see the great favour. I did not see you rejoice for receiving this precious gift. It seems that the dark world blinded your minds and eyes. See how you will take this gift with less concern, as you did with the Agonizing Cross. I am looking to see My Apostles who will take up this work and help to offer the world what Heaven has offered them. I will reward them with an ever-bright Rose on the last day. I will rescue fourteen souls of their lineage from the torturing fire of Purgatory. They will not lack Sanctifying Grace in their lifetime. They console Me now; I will console them.

Children, this Rose will be your consolation during the hour of persecution. Your joy is the hope of your reward. This Rose will open your eyes to see your Eternal Reward. Happy are all who keep their Roses pure. During those days, they will not be totally dried up. I am the Agonizing Jesus Christ, Who experienced what it means to be all alone.

So, I bless you with the Sanctifying Grace of the Seal, in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Gather the grace and remain in peace.”

Immediately, the vision passed.

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