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DATE: 5TH JULY, 2005

TIME: 11:00 PM



Today being the remarkable day of the tenth year anniversary of this devotion, I saw in a vision the Agonizing Jesus Christ who was hanging alive on the cross, blood bathed the whole body and face. Gently raising his face, He said:

“Peace be with you all My Children! Happy are those who hear My call and answer. And much happier are those who remain united to Me till the end; they shall enjoy the greatest happiness. I am the Agonizing Jesus Christ who called you.

Today, you are celebrating the memory of My call. I am happy because you have offered Me your will and answered My call. See the harvest is getting bigger. And I have done all these things through you. You are blessed to be called.

Children, remain united in Me and I will remain united with you. Surrender your will entirely to Me; and I will give you peace from Me. I am the one who called you to use you as I like for the salvation of souls. Allow Me to bend you and use you as I like. Do not claim to be anything. Do not claim to know anything. Surrender in perfect obedience to My will. Learn from Me for I am meek and humble of heart. I will always manifest My power through the most wretched, most weak and most illiterate lovers of Mine. The more you humble yourself and your opinions in everything you do, the more I manifest My Will through you. Learn to do My will in the holy advice of your leaders. Their holy voices are always My last order. You are to obey the last order or else you will be killed in the war field. I am Jesus who called you to humble you so as to save you. All who follow their opinion always, will surely loose the battle.

Children, how I wish that all of you whom I call remain united in Me. Remain united in My love. I will remain united with you. Be humble to allow me to crush you so as to form you for better use. Only those who pull themselves away from Me will miss us here and miss us then. Without Me you can do nothing.

Now, the battle is getting tough, be wise to obey the last order. Be at alert and watchful. Make maximum use of all the training I gave you. Make yourself the most little of My members. I will give you victory and draw all men to My side. Then, your happiness will be complete.

Children, as you celebrate this anniversary, I will be most happy to see you all in My kingdom where we will celebrate it in perfect happiness. I am happy to see you all. So I bless you in the name of the Father and, of the Son and, of the Holy Spirit, Amen!

Immediately the vision passed.



DATE: 6TH JULY, 2005

TIME: 3:00 AM



In my prayer during this hour, I saw the vision of a Saint who was accompanied by three little Angels. The Saint came closer and said:

“Happy I am to be sent to you in these days of woe. Rejoice all you who are waiting for the salvation of the Lord; your salvation is here. God has set his light in the world to chase all the darkness away. Those who are in the darkness, have the light of God. They are happy because the salvation they are waiting for has arrived. I am your brother John.

Jesus sent me to give you a message on the theme “Dark Night of a Soul As A Result of Anger. Anger in the soul of man is like salt in the flesh of worm. What salt does to the worm is what anger does to the soul. An angry soul is a sick soul. In an emotion of anger, the wisdom from God ceases. Reasoning stops as well. The spirit of light has no place in the soul of an angry man. However, Satan is the landlord of such temples.

Friends of Christ, anger has the capacity of killing all the virtues you have laboured for all through the years in a matter of seconds. So anger is a killer; it is a destroyer. It is dangerous. The soul of an angry man is in the darkness of sin. Such a soul cannot see the light of love. This is the night of sin, which my Jesus called the Dark night of a soul.

Children of light, how can you overcome this dangerous sin and come out of darkness for life? I have only one word for you. Love! Conquer with love! Love is the meekness of heart; love is peace of the soul. Love is forgiveness. Love is acceptance.

Ask yourself who am I angry with? Is it with God who loves you so much? Or man, the temple of God? Or is it yourself, the image of God? Could it be Satan, your examiner who tests you for promotion? No! You should not be angry with anyone or anything at all. Everything works as an instrument of goodness for you. You will learn this truth if only you will struggle to ascend to the throne of love.

Friends of Christ, in this throne of love, one possesses a heart too difficult to offend; a heart which bears pains with a cheerful face, heart which seeks to please others rather than to be pleased. This is where the salvation of an angry man is; because anger disappears where love is. I encourage all who are affected by this disease to come near the stream of love and get cured. Come that Jesus will show you light again. May Jesus bless you all and heal the wounds of your souls!

Immediately, the vision passed, and then appeared the Agonizing Jesus Christ who calmly said:

“Children, anger disturbs My loving presence in your soul. You waste a lot of My graces whenever you are angry. Learn from Me for I am meek and humble of heart. So I bless you in the name of the Father and, of the Son and, of the Holy Spirit, Amen!”

Immediately the whole vision passed.



DATE: 7TH JULY, 2005

TIME: 3:00 AM



In my prayer during this hour, I had the vision of a Saint who came with three little cherubim. They came nearer and the Saint said:

“Rejoice all you who are in the bondage of sin, the Saviour is here to liberate you. He is the Prince of Peace and the hope of salvation. He has the key of salvation. His name is Jesus Christ, the Son of God. I am his servant and his Apostle, Jude.

Jesus sent me to give you a message on the theme titled “the Dark night of a soul as a result of drunkenness.” A man of sin is a man of darkness. He is a blind man as well. Such a man has lost the sight of God’s light. The wisdom of the truth is far from his reach. He is possessed by the spirit of error and of death. Since sin is a habit, a man of sin is a slave of evil. He is in the bondage of sin. As a slave, he cannot do what he likes, since a force greater than his power is driving his motive and will. Who can save such a man from this grave captivity?

Yes, no one but Jesus Christ who died that we might be saved. Come out! Come out!! All you who are living in sin come out!!! Do not fall into the pity of darkness. The sin of drunkenness is an immune deficiency disease that slowly eats up the life of a soul. Listen O friends of Christ, only in rare cases can such a soul be cured. All habitual sin is like this.

Friends of Christ, the sin of drunkenness attacks the sense of reason. It blocks the wisdom of God from reaching a soul. It extinguishes the fire of the Holy Spirit in man. Worse still, it kills a soul. A drunkard will not possess the Kingdom of Heaven.

Jesus sent me to tell you to come out. Come to Jesus; He will give you His Spirit. And you may ask; how can I free myself from this bondage? Listen, you can free yourself. To be able to do this, you must do violence to yourself. I mean war. Friends, no other person will fight this battle for you but you. Jesus will only comes to give you victory.

The earlier you start the better for you. Do not allow the kingdom of sin to grow too strong for you. Declare your independence now. Fight the battle with all your strength. Jesus will surely give you victory. I am praying for you always. May Jesus save you from death; may He bless you! Bye!

Immediately, the vision passed and, then appeared the Agonizing Jesus Christ who calmly said:

“Do not be drunk; rather be filled with the Holy Spirit. All who have the Spirit of light have conquered the world just as I have conquered the world. The Spirit is life. I am the Agonizing Jesus Christ who loves you. Receive the Holy Ghost. So I bless you in the name of the Father and, of the Son and, of the Holy Spirit, Amen!

Immediately, the vision passed.

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