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TIME: 8.00 PM



In my prayer during this hour, I saw a vision of a Saint coming down from the cloud. He came closer and calmly said:

“Peace be with you my friend. I am your brother and Apostle Jude. I come to teach you the second level of the Six Golden Levels of Peace. This is the Level of Concentration. How I wish you would grow up to this level and even higher. This level is greater than the first level, which is the level of the Silence of the Mouth. Where the first level ends, the second level begins.

Friends of the Living God, this level of perfection is the hardest level to attain. The moment you climb up to this level, it is easy to reach all the other levels, if you want to. We shall see this level in the line of prayer because the level of your prayer determines your spiritual relationship with God which is your spiritual level.

Little friends of the Living God know today that there are demarcations between the mouth and the soul, the soul and the senses, and the mouth and the senses. I am here to reveal only the first one, the gap between the mouth and the soul. Before I reveal this gap, you shall learn what concentration is.

Concentration is the union of the mouth and the soul, or the union of the soul and the senses, and or the union of the mouth and the senses to achieve a goal. This goal might be positive or negative. It is positive if it achieves holy ends or negative if it achieves evil ends. The union of the mouth and the senses is an earthly concentration that involves learning and knowledge of the world. The union of the soul and the senses is another level of perfection. So I will teach you the union of the mouth and the soul, which is the second level of perfection called Concentration in Prayer.

Concentration in Prayer is the ascending of the union of the mouth and the soul to the bosom of Divine Grace. It is the relationship of this union with the Eternal Love. It is the peace of the soul with the mouth in the Light of Love. It is the joy of the mouth with the soul in the peace of God.

In concentration level, you meet God’s love in fullness for the first time. Dear friend of the living God, for you to attain this level, you must love solitude. You, the Little Lilies of God on earth must learn to avoid the world. I say, you must learn to avoid the company of men many times. Learn to be alone. Recollect and rejoin your soul with your being. In prayer, you must struggle to recollect and join your soul with your mouth. You must leave your place of distraction and retire into solitude. Little friends of the living God, sacrifice much to attain this level. O, happy solitude, in which God speaks lovingly and converses with His lovers. Blessed are the souls in solitude with God, they enjoy the greatest happiness on earth.

O, how bitterly a soul who is attached to the world suffers. See how restless the soul is. See how the scorching wind of fear tortures the soul. Come, O loving souls, and have rest in the peace of solitude with God. Little friends, detach your soul, which sticks slavishly to wealth, to your mother, to your father, your brother, your sister, and your wife and to your husband, and attach it to heavenly things. Be at peace with everyone. Love your enemy and pray for them. Do not be slaves of miracle; rather be a consoler of the Agonizing Jesus Christ.

Finally, I say, learn to spend your time with the One who loves you most. I say spend time with Jesus in the Holy Eucharist, He who dwells in your very soul. May Jesus who sent me give you all the grace you need to attain this level. May He bless you.”

Immediately, he vanished and then appeared the Agonizing Jesus Christ, who calmly said:

“You have heard my son; the wise will know that this calls for growth. But the fool will say to their souls, “It is impossible to do all these things”. Those who learn and grow will enjoy my Reign of Peace in their souls but those who remain unchanged and even hinder my loving ones from growing, will suffer the absence of my Presence. A time will come when their pride will not help them anymore, then, they will see their emptiness.

So I bless you all, in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, Amen.”

Immediately, the vision passed.


Mediation: Acts 17v27 “That they should seek God, if haply they may feel after him or find him, although he be not far from every one of us.

Saint Augustine says:

It is Love that asks, that seeks, that knock, that finds and that is faithful to what it finds.