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TIME: 11.00pm


In my prayer during this hour, I saw a vision of a Saint of God who came with seven little angels. The Saint came closer and gently said: “Happytoseeyouinprayerinthesedaysofdarkness.Ipraythatthegraceof Godwillbewithyoualways.I am your daughter, Cecilia. God sent me through the appeal of my Queen, Mary, the Mother of God, to give a few lessons to the little Lilies of Christ who have answered the call of the choir. I have many things to teach the Voice of the Little Lilies of Christ, but I will do this little by little so that the foundation of your faith will be laid on the rock that cannot be shaken. Today, I come to inform you that the sole aim of Heaven to appeal for this choir they called the Voice of the Little Lilies is simply to restore what has been lost so that the number of saints will increase again.

Friends of the living God, by restoration, I mean the restoration of true worship. By restoration, I mean the restoration of the golden mind of peace, which is the perfect meditation. By restoration, I mean restoration of holiness. This means that people will be inspired and moved by the love of God. By restoration, I mean the restoration of true faith, which the Leaders of the Holy Roman Catholic Church are losing now by borrowing the faith and moral of the false churches. You can see with your own eyes how the Church has been enveloped with the emptiness of the false churches. See how the choruses and disco, with their Luciferic dancing, are replacing the gentle adoration of the Holy Mass. The Holy Church of Christ is suffering the loss of true worship. See the Priests of Christ are more interested in charging the worshippers with empty choruses than filling their emptiness with divine inspiration about Heaven. O they want to please man, not God. That was why they have gone as far as keeping aside the hymns of the Holy Church. And have taken up the empty choruses of the false churches. Children of the beloved, the voice of heaven cries; “woe to those leaders of the Church who grow rich in the sin of the people they suppose to take care of. They will suffer more terribly than the sinners”.See, those leaders want money. They like to motivate people with empty music so that the sacrifice will be large. Christ says; “you are teaching My people to be proud. You have taken away their humility. You are giving them their reward on earth. See! they will return empty-handed because you want to grow rich in their ignorance and in their sin. I will hold you responsible for this; you leaders of Mine.” Voice of the little lilies, I urge you to pray for your leaders. I mean the leaders of the Holy Church, pray for the restoration of what had been lost. Pray that God will use you to carry out His holy plan. Offer God your self as a living sacrifice. Be holy and simple. Tomorrow, I will come again. I pray Christ ob less you. Bye. Immediatelythevisionpassed,thenappearedtheAgonizingJesusChristwho calmly said: “Children accept this call of love to be among the choirs I called the Voice of the little Lillies. My plan is to restore the hymns, and holiness of life among my people, if you respond to my appeal, I will see for it that this choir will penetrate every parish of the world in My Holy Church. True worship will be restored and many lost sheep will come back. Children, the number of saints will increase, starting from you. With this, the world will know that My Kingdom of Peace is in their midst. So I bless you in the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen. Immediately the vision passed.

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