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In my prayer during this hour, I saw the vision of the Agonizing Jesus Christ who hung, bleeding on the Cross. He was silent for a long time and finally said:Peace be with you my son. I received all the prayers and sacrifices of my children who answered my call of reparation of the last September. Heaven is happy for seeing the simplicity and the littleness of my little lilies on those days. Yes, my little lilies really consoled me. I am happy whenever I see them moving with holy zeal to show me love.Barnabas, how carnal-minded are the people of these days. Remember how I called you and your people to propagate this devotion of my Precious Blood. Remember how I trained these selected few for more than three years now. I took them by the hand and fed them my words. I revealed to them my way of the holy cross. I called them for perfection. Now only very few people responded to me. O, these few people are more from the group of my lovers who have less privilege to be among my apostles of this devotion for now. But very soon, I will call them to be my Apostles. They are my little lilies who consoled me much. O, they are weak, I will make them strong. The world called them fools, my Holy ones called them wise people. Yes, in their nothingness, I will show greatness.After the reparation, I kept silent to allow your emptiness come out so that I will fill it with the fullness of my Spirit. I am speaking to all my children; my agony for you is due to your pride. I see with great agony the damnation of many who will follow the way of Lucifer. So I cry to you my lovers. Be humble and obedient to my will. This will of mine is unfolded to those who love Jesus Christ, your Saviour and your God.Listen my children; I am the one who called you, to propagate this holy devotion of my Blood. But see, many are moving as if they are the one who called themselves. They are propagating their will; not my will. They want their name to be known; not mine. They want people to respect them; not their God. They want people to fear them; not their God. This is their way to the damnation which Lucifer is leading them. Truly, I say to you, all who live to be known will be forgotten; but those who live hidden and unknown to the world will be known forever. O! My little lilies will be known forever. They are my joy, now my apostles are seeking power and respect of the empty world. O, my little lilies remain for me and continue to wipe the tears of my eyes. I will console you in turn whenever you call me.Barnabas, I will ask my mother to teach her children again and to admonish her children who need special help. The attitude of the leaders pains me much. I got division and war where they should yield perfection and love.For the perfection of my work and for the sake of my little lilies, I will give you, Barnabas, all the messages, instructions, guidelines and plans of my work for this devotion. Remember that I promised you on 3rdMarch, 2002, that I will give you a Land of Adoration, even if these people fail to release the land. Yes, I will do so. I am the Agonizing Jesus Christ who called you. I will give you land in that town which will receive hundred times the blessing I gave to the one which they refuse to release. Yes, I chose the Land of Olo for this great privilege. If they receive me, blessings will flow like a stream on the land for the good of mankind. But, pray! The land will be given free so that the people will receive much blessing. I will bless the healing water on the day the world will mount the triumphant cross on that land. There, you will find everything I have told you before. I will speak again about this on December 8, this year. Then you will understand clearly, my plan and my will.But you will obey my appeal of helping the parishioners in the church building first, before you enter the land.I am the Agonizing Jesus Christ. I bless you. Remain in peace”.Immediately, the vision passed

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