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DATE: 4TH JULY, 2000

TIME: 7.30 PM


During our adoration prayer, I had a vision of the crucified Jesus Christ, hanging alive on the Cross, bleeding for the love of us. After a while, cloud came down and covered the whole place. In the cloud appeared the Holy Agonizing Face of Jesus Christ, who calmly said:

“My children, you are my warriors of the last fight. I called you to train you and fill you with power, so that you will be able to face the enemy and defeat him. I called you to clothe you with all the Heavenly Armour, so that the evil weapon of the enemy will not harm you. Come nearer to me and have my Great Seal. Do these novenas well so as to receive my blessing in full.

This year marks the fourth year I gave you this great favour, the month of July, the month in which my blessing and mercy flow like a river to the thirsty souls. I am calling you all to my side to feel my warming care and hear my teachings. I am calling you to train you so that you will not be defeated when the hour comes. I say to you, my children that all who participated fully and devotedly in these great novenas in the month of July are sure of being protected in their lifetime and in the terrible hour of the coming chastisement. I will clothe them with the Heavenly Armour. I will fill them with power. I will give them the Heavenly Warrior to be their guard. Children, I called this month a great month because the bloody tears of my Mother have obtained for her children great favour in this month. Your own eyes shall also see a great thing in this great month. I am calling you all to train you and make you ready to meet the hour. The dreadful hour I have foretold you.

Learn all the teachings I am giving to you. Do not grow up like Barak who had less confidence and faith in my Words. Though he later went to the battle, he had no grace for his work. Have confidence and trust in my words like my servants, Moses, Joshua and David who led my people to great battles, and won in my name. I say my children that it shall be as it was in the time of Elijah. There will be a great battle between my people and the children of Baal, the Red Beast. The wicked Jezebel will come again. I say, the one who will act like the old Jezebel will come. She will force all men to worship the Baal; I say, the wicked Red Beast. Many prophets of mine will be martyred. A large number of my people will worship the Beast and get lost forever.

The hour will be so terrifying. Who then will survive without an adequate preparation? I led my son, Elijah, in his forty days mortification in the desert without food or drink, so that he would be able to fight and win the battle. Indeed, he received my teachings and was filled with power. So he won the battle. I am calling you all, my children, to be filled with the same spirit I gave to Elijah in the desert. Learn much from my son Elijah. Trust in my power like him. Fight the evil prophet of Baal with total confidence in me as he did. I will give you victory as I did in the time of Elijah.

Children, the coming battle is so great; only the strong warriors will fight the battle and still hold their ground. Receive from me now all the armour needed for the battle. I am giving it to you now. I say receive from me this great month of July.

Children, you will offer your prayers tomorrow for the days of exile of my sorrowful Pope. Children, if in the end this hour finally comes, know you that you are in exile. At that time you will fully learn what I meant when I said, Let your heart (soul) be a living Tabernacle for my dwelling.

Be ready to meet the hour. Take advantage of my trainings and teachings. Pray always and never give-up.

I am with you always. I love you all. I bless you all.”

Instantly, the vision passed.

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