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DATE: 3RD JUNE, 2002

TIME: 11:30 PM



As I was praying during this hour, I saw in a vision Saint Anthony and Saint Michael the Archangel who came down from the cloud. St. Anthony said: “Friend of God, we come to give you message on the remaining two odd groups in the Household of God. The one I am giving you is titled The Cunning Friends of God. These are the people of the Household of God who are faithful to the Master only when they are in need of something or in trouble, or are asking for help. The people in this group are cunning and hard-hearted, like the people of Israel who followed Moses into the wilderness. Whenever they were in a great need of something, you see these Cunning Friends of God becoming faithful to their Master, their God. They become more faithful than even the faithful Angels of Heaven. But when the needy time is over, they become the worst faithless creatures you can imagine; they become persecutors.

Again, if trouble befalls them, or God dares to punish them, due to their wickedness, and they saw the sight of God’s anger, they will instantly change to become faithful and holy members of God’s Family. At that time, these prayerless members will become prayerful members. In their zealous prayers, in time of need or troubled-period, they will be saying: ‘Merciful and Loving Father, if You solve this need and take away this trouble from me, I will be faithful to You all my life. I will praise Your Name in the vast assembly. I will tell the whole world that You are good.” Friend of God, this group of Cunning Friends will make a lot of promises to their Master, only to get what they want.

O! What a pity to hear that the moment their trouble is over and they have their need; they become the enemy of God’s Family. These once honest members of the Family will become the betrayers. The prayerful ones are now the prayerless ones. O, the faithful ones are now the faithless ones. My friends are now my enemies. This group of friends will leave the Household of God and belong to the household of Satan. There, they will serve Satan faithfully, and obey all the commands the Evil One will prescribe to them.

O! They will not remember their God again till another time of trouble or needy time. At this time, they return home with a sweet tone to make a new promise to be faithful again. But this is to deceive themselves, not my God, because you can never deceive God. Friend, the members of this group of friends have no share in the Kingdom of God, because they are not true friends. Only very few of them who have Divine privilege to be called home in their faithful period will be able to return home through the purification fire of Purgatory, which they will suffer for a long period of time. Do not belong to this group. The fire is terrible! Listen to Michael for the last odd group of the Household of God.

At this time, St. Michael said: “Another group of people you can find in the Household of God is what I name, The Greedy Members of God’s Family. These are members of God’s Family to whom wealth is the god they serve. This group of people will like to own the whole world. In these days of yours, you see these people today asking for a bicycle and it will be given to them. Tomorrow they ask for a car and the next day, a plane. If all were given to them, one day they would ask for the key to the whole wealth of the world. They want this wealth for themselves alone. They do not like to see other members of the family blessed by their Master. They have no thanksgiving for all they have received from God.

Friend of the Living God, these members of God’s Family want to measure themselves equal with the pagans. They want to enjoy evil with the world as well as enjoy blessings and graces of God with God’s people. In the holy Church of God, you see the members of this group with all the symbols of demons all over their body as well as the holy sacramentals of God. They want to be possessed by demons and at the same time be possessed by God. But that is impossible! God can never share His lover with anyone. He is a jealous God. He will prefer to abandon the lover.

Friend of God, learn these lessons of the Household of God, so that the Lesson of True Freedom will make meaning to you. Know today that anyone who is a member of any of these three odd groups can hardly be delivered from the hands of the wicked spirit. Such a person must first abandon these odd groups to join the true friends of God.

Here we leave you.” St. Anthony said, ‘I will come alone tomorrow to give you a lesson on the only true group. Remain in peace of God. Bye!

Immediately the whole vision passed.


DATE: 4TH JUNE, 2002

TIME: 11:30 PM



In my prayer during this hour, I saw in a vision Saint Anthony who appeared to me with three little Cherubim of God. He came close and calmly said:

“I have come, my friend, to offer you a message on the Only True Friends of God. I call them The Faithful Members of the Household of Christ. Like the friends of the Cross, this group of people remain close to Jesus, their Master, both in their joyful days and in their sorrowful days. They are like a faithful wife who knows the mind of her husband. Love makes them see and at the same time read the heart of their Master. In the moments of joy, they are in jubilation with their Master; in the moments of sorrow, they are consolers.

My friend, this is a group of the friends of Christ Jesus who find the hidden treasure in the empty land, and sell all they have to possess the land. O, the hidden treasure is the Kingdom of God. They know that to love their Master is to possess all He has. See how they pour out to their Master the pure flower of love, which obtains everything for them.

This is the group of the friends of God who find sweetness in the Cross of Perfection. They see the ocean of grace that comes from the Royal Cross of Perfection and then embrace it. O! As they embrace the sweet cross, love opens their heart to see the multitude of souls that can benefit from the ocean of graces and blessings from their Royal Cross. They gently offer the merit of their Royal Cross for the needy souls. These may be souls in despair, souls in Purgatory, souls in agony, souls in the bondage of sins, souls that need God’s mercy and conversion. These souls will benefit from every cross which a true friend of Christ Jesus lovingly accepts and offers. This is why the faithful members of the Household of God are lovers of the Cross. For them, the cross is a blessing; not a curse. They are not like those groups in the Household of God that see the cross as a curse; and even curse the Hand of God, which offers the Cross to them. Rather, the faithful members pray for more crosses and bless God Who offers those crosses to them.

My friend, the members of the group of Faithful Members of the Household of Christ are the flower of purity in this wicked world. Their holy perfume purifies the rotten world. They are heroes in obedience, which frees them from any force of evil. Through humiliation, they have obtained the giant flag of mortification, which makes them great. This makes them terrors to evil spirits. The fire of purity that emits from them chases evil spirits away, and terrorizes the abyss. This was why after the deliverance of Mary Magdalene, no evil force dared to approach her. The fire of purity that emitted from her scared evil spirits away. She is a demon destroyer. Indeed, she belonged to the Faithful Members of the Household of God.

My friend, this is the only thing I will tell you about this group for now. You will know more in the days to come.

I will come again with Michael to teach you a few things about the different kinds of voices that operate in man. May the peace of God be with you! So I leave you.”

Immediately, the vision passed.

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