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Messsage as given by Our Lady

TIME: 9:15PM.


During our Novena prayer with Mass, Our Lady appeared to me in a vision holding a palm in Her hand. She said:

I am happy; Heaven is happy also, your effort makes us happy. Continue praying with joy O My loving children.

My children, listen; you should edit the adoration prayers which you pray in each decade of this Chaplet and those prayers which you pray before and after the Litany of the Precious Blood of My Beloved Son tomorrow before you come. I will assist you, the Holy Ghost will come and be with you. My children be careful that you do not change the meaning of these prayers.

I command you to do this because you do not WRITE EXACTLY WHAT HEAVEN SAYS, I will help you tomorrow to make it well edited.

My Son will be waiting for you to fulfill His commands so that His work will endure. Wait for Him, He will come and help. He promised to save, He loves you all, He accepts all your sacrifices” She then waved Her palm and said: “Be blessed, peace from Heaven be with you”

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