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Message as given by Our Blessed Mother and His Divine Son, Our Lord



29TH JANUARY, 1997

As we were praying in the chapel, Our Lady appeared to me with two Angels. Holding the Crown of Thorns in Her hands she said, “My children, tonight I come to co-operate with you so that men will choose good in place of evil, and practise Holy love as part of divine light.

''My children, I can not restrain the hands of the Holy Trinity from striking the

world, men are crucifying My Son again and again. Look at this Crown of Thorns which represents the Mystical wounds in the heart of My Son, these wounds are hidden and men neglect them.

“My children, say this prayer always. “O Most Precious Blood of Jesus Christ, heal the wounds in the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus.'' Each time you say this prayer, many wounds are healed in the Heart of My Son.

But men still commit sins that wound the Sacred Heart, pray for them always, saying, “Most Precious Blood of Jesus Christ, save us and the whole world”. Many souls are being converted.

“My children, this Chaplet of the Precious Blood of My Son combines all devotion of My Son’s passion.

“In heaven this prayer is one of the greatest prayer that cease the anger of the Eternal Father and bring mercy to the workd.

“My children pray this Chaplet always and make it known to the world. My Son has promised to save the world through it, I, the Queen of Heaven, have with My Motherly love promised to save My children through it also. “Show

HOLY LOVE to one another, accept all your problems as a cross, then

live in a state of holiness and faith. You will conquer the world. Heaven loves all your sufferings, I pray for you always. Remain in My peace from heaven.”

Then that very vision passed and Our Lord appeared, He said, “Drink the cup of endurance, love sufferings more than bread. Be happy in the time of temptation, feel My agony and pray for sinners always. Have mercy on them who are still ignorant of the coming chastisement, pray for My Holy Church always.

“O My loving children, be careful for the wicked spirit is looking for a way to accuse you, I love you always. I bless you.” The Precious Blood from His Sacred Head dropped on my head, and I came back to myself.

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