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Message as given by our Lord

TIME: 9:30P.M.


In a vision an Angel took me to a beautiful city. We entered a large building looking like a hall.

When we entered I saw a large

number of human heads lying all over the place, there were many dried full size human beings as well as other human parts inside refrigerators, the Angel said, “see how men kill and crucify Jesus Christ several times again. Son of man, make reparation and console Christ”

The Angel led me again to a big rock world, the rock opened I saw many tanks of blood, the Angel said. “These are blood of men which the evil ones banked as source of power. Have mercy on Jesus and console Him.”

Then we moved again to a great kingdom in an ocean, the Angel threw his garment over the ocean, a great kingdom appeared, then I saw a great city under the water, the number of blood banks beneath is thrice greater than the ones inside the rock world. The Angel said, “what do you think about these banks?” I was silent, after a whilse He said, “These are not the blood of goats or bulls but the blood of God’s children. Adore Our Lord and console Him.”

Afterwards, we returned to the mountain. The Sacred Head with crown of Thorns appeared. Our Lod said: “My Father had warned My priests never to marry, My dear Mother had also warned them not to do so. Look! Demons have entered My Holy Church see: One of My Cardinals have married an evil queen, which transformed him and made him a chosen instrument that will spoil My Holy Church it would have been better for him if he were not chosen as My clergy; but though he was called, he had better be thrown in a boiling oil rather than wait for the anger of the Lord, the Father Almighty”

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