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Message as given by our Lord

to the visionary, Barnabas Nwoye

TIME: 9.00A.M.

DATE: 18TH January, 1997

Just at the commencement of the Chaplet of the Most Precious Blood I got

myself spiritually in a beautiful green field. An Angel of the Lord came and took

me by hand, we moved to a mountain.

When we reached there a cloud came down and covered the whole place, I saw

the Holy Face of Jesus Christ with the Crown of Thorns, the Most Precious Blood

was flowing from all parts of the Thorns. I knelt down before Him and He said. “O

My beloved child, who will survive this great disorderliness in My Holy Church?”

Then He opened to me the disoderliness to witness, there were Cardinals, Bishops

and Priests in a con-celebrating mood, but there was no order.

After that, I got myself again on that mountain, the Agonizing Jesus said, “O! The

day that is coming, the great day of darkness. My Mother’s Immaculate Heart

will protect, and My Precious Blood will save.

“Why is it that people reject My Mother’s messages? She came and revealed

many things to you and gave you the Holy Rosary. I say pray it. I gave My son Obinna a divine message through the Holy Spirit of prophesy,

they rejected it. Now I give you My Divine Revelation so that they might know and

get ready before the great day comes. Pray that My flock will hear the voice of

the shepherd and run for their lives.”

“My son, warn My people never to receive any drug (Tablet) which the nation will

give until this Great Chastisement is over, they are planning to destroy souls and

kill lives through these tablets, and also minimize the world population so that

the Antichrist, Red Dragon and the computerized power might control and rule

the world.” Then He showed me the drug! (Tablet.)

He continued by saying, “warn people never to, warn My people never to…”

Then there was silence.“Tell My humble servant your Bishop Eneja never to leave

this nation till this Great Chastisement is over, tell him to pray so that the

Church authority will not command him to do so, the wicked forces are planning

to destroy his life. If he goes… If he goes… The wicked Man will send and kill him.

My children pray much for him, pray much for him I beg you pray much for him”

An Angel took me to a great city, the sign board I saw there made me recognize it

as the United States of America, the Angel commanded the land to open and led me

to a great kingdom in the underground world. He led me by the hand and showed

me many things

Firstly I saw a great number of people moving about in the underground world,

the Angel said, “These people are the devil’s agents, they are in this

underground world planning and preparing for their time to come”. He showed

me a great computer set in a strong room and said, “see the computer set which

will be used for world numbering.”

Again I saw a great number of soldiers, the Angel said, “look at these soldiers

training for front attack for that day, they are collected from different parts of

the world, they will soon come out and rule this world.”Barnabas pray much.

Honour, console and Adore the Holy Precious Blood of Jesus Christ so that He

might permit me to reveal much to you”

Then we returned to the holy mountain. Our Lord said “I will make their

hearst willing to receive this great revelation and they will adore My Precious

Blood which has only power to save in the days that are coming, I command you

that you must pray in the days that are coming, I command you that you must

pray and get ready for the test, I will speak through you. I bless you.

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